Markayla Ballard

Growing up in Tualatin, Oregon right outside of PDX the suburbs slowly took a toll on my everyday life. I constantly looked for outlets to express myself but never quite clicked with art like painting and basic drawing. After I started high school I was put into Digital Arts 1. I didn't apply for the class and was annoyed I was even placed in an art class like that because I didn't consider myself creative at the time. After I realized I missed the deadline to drop the class, I figured I needed to catch up on what I had missed when I spaced off in class everyday. I taught myself how to do our first galaxy project and it came really easy to me. I started paying attention and learning more and more about Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Eventually, I completed all of the digital arts courses the school had to offer and I went on to complete 11 rounds of independent study. With that, I was able to expand my portfolio, technique, and grasp artistic opportunities. My sophomore year during my first round of independent study, my family helped me get in touch with a Black Lives Matter activist in Portland. I then went on to create the signature shirt of the PDX May Day rally for Freddie Gray and other black brothers and sisters who lost their lives to police brutality. From then on out I knew I wanted to be involved in my community and express myself through my digital canvas. Welcome to the beautiful mind of Markayla Designs.