Poetic Justice Flyers

I created flyers for Poetic Justice for a couple years and will always use these to show my progress over time. 

black history month

This was the first poster I did for Poetic Justice, a Portland based poetry group that gathers once a week to celebrate creative minds and the art of poetry. 

official Poster

They wanted a general poster that could be quickly and easily updated for the weekly shows. I created this and overall liked it but knew eventually it would have to be changed due to the illegal use of the Poetic Justice logo. Sorry Tupac and Janet!

updated poster

I made this poster hoping I could get the admin to warm up to going in a different direction than the movie logo. However, after sending in what I had created he requested the old logo be put somewhere in the flyer. I still like this style a bit more than the older ones I created! However, I no longer make flyers for this group.