Tees Crew

Senior year I was recognized for my advanced graphic design skills and hardworking work ethic. I took on the role as Manager and Head Designer within the t-shirt business at our school. Although things didn't work out because of our creative differences, I learned a lot of things from how to not run a business and how to create an efficient and productive flow amidst the workforce despite constant curve balls being thrown our way. 



This was my favorite and our top selling design! It received a lot of hate but just as much love and appealed to most of the school's demographic and the pop culture of the time. In fact, it still was one of the selling designs even the year after I graduated.  

Tuhs State

The marketing group all suggested putting the TuHS Logo in an outline of our state and I decided to do it up a little nicer and create something that was quick and easy for the Tees Crew to weed and press! This, like all of my other designs was included in this years shirt sales as well. 

Hunting season and Timberwolf nation

Unfortunately, our school administration said no to the marketing team's initial idea of bringing back the notorious 'Tualatin Mafia'. After a lot of back and forth, we took our Principal's suggestion and decided on 'Timberwolf Nation'. Not our first choice, but it worked for us! With that, I paired the theme 'Hunting Season' and overall pop culture with the Nation idea. Thus creating these designs and more that were lost in production.